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TechCrunch's analysis of what Tory win means

This is a potted analysis of what the Conservatives as a majority government means to UK digital business. Necessarily it's quite simplistic but it does strike true.

As they point out, the previous coalition government was very supportive of technology startups and FinTech in particular, a sensible place to be putting emphasis given London's role as an international finance centre. The thing that's remarkable is that, although the policy is sound, it involves long-term returns and is unlikely to bear fruit for whichever government makes the investment.

Long may it continue.

Fintech and digital payments are another area of interest — with Tory Minister Ed Vaizey telling TechCrunch Disrupt London last October: “We want to make these e-payments faster, quicker, we want to make it as safe as possible. And we want to look at the kind of technologies that the digital currencies use to allow end systems to operate in a de-centralized way, with no intermediaries. We want to look at how the new technologies can benefit consumers and the wider economy.”

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